How to Create Kibana Visualization to show only highest 3 sum of values over a time period?

Hey Guys,

I have a task to create a kibana Visualization [preferably a data table] that shows the maximum 3 values of the sum of values over a time period.

Basically I want the visualization to obtain below:

  1. calculate the sum of bytes per day
  2. find the highest 3 of all the sum values over the time period
  3. kibana visualization to show the highest 3 sum values over the time.
  4. Finally last row showing the average of the 3 highest sum values

Something like below:

can anyone pls help me achieve this??

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rachana_uday ,

I think you can achieve what you want using the Lens editor:

  • Create a table with a Metric set as "Sum" of the selected field
    • at the bottom of the panel, select "Average" from the "Summary row" input (available since 7.14)
  • Create a "Column" using "Top Values" and pick the field you want the 3 values from
    • within the panel, in the "Rank by" select the Sum metric

@Marco_Liberati On the kibana [7.10.0] we are using, I do not see a lens editor.
Below are the visualizations available

Can you please suggest from using these graphs?

You can achieve a similar result using the legacy Data Table editor in the picture.

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