Kibana 4.1 automatic axis scaling


In kibana 4.0.2 I used to have a visualization that automatically scale the Y axis. Thus, when the number was 10^6 to #M or 10^12 #T. This functionality seemed not to be working in the same visualization ported to Kibana 4.1.

I have manage to apply a script in the advance JSON input of the visualization to force scale the number presented in the Y axis using the documentation presented below and
enabling dynamic scripting (script.disable_dynamic: true)

As you could understand I prefer not to enable the dynamic scripting for this type of functionality. I could not find any other adjacent way to do this. Is this a BUG or a known issue?

All the best,
Carlos Fernando

To my knowledge, we didn't deprecate any options from 4.0.2 in 4.1. We did move options to a different place in the vis builder though. Are you looking for the "Scale Y-Axis to Data Bounds" option? If not, what was the name of the option in 4.0.2?

I would like to format the number presented in the Y axis of the visualization in the following way 1M instead of 1000000 or 1k instead of 1000.
This used to work automatically in 4.0.2

Gotcha, I thought you were talking about something else.

I'm not sure how you did it in 4.0.2, but starting with 4.1, you should use field formatters to accomplish this:

Great, thank you! I confirm I could change the format of the Y axis using the information you have proposed.
In 4.0.2 I did not have to do anything seems that before was done automatically.

Thank you very much for the quick and helpful feedback.

All the best,
Carlos Fernando