Number formatting in Y axis

We need a feature to force a certain amount of decimal places on the Y axis.

ie I have a value that hovers between 150.2134 and 150.2145. Kibana shows 150.2 ... not really useful :smile:
I'd rather have a big 150. shown somewhere, and then the levels as 212, 213, 214, 215

I although have a value (on a different graph) that hovers around 18900 +- 20 ... Kibana shows 18.9k . once again, not great :smile:
In this case, a larger 189 displayed somewhere , and then a level each 10 would work great.

In both situation, even displaying the full values (maybe by entering a printf like syntax) would have been great. is what you are after I think :slight_smile:

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thanks @warkolm. I'm now running the latest snapshot. Lots of good things in it. :+1:

I've noticed that sometimes the Y axis formatting misbehaves ...

When the data tracked moves more, then the axis labelling "fixes" itself.