Y-Axis Using Decimal Numbers When Data Is Always Whole Numbers

Hello, I have seen some previous discussion regarding this issue, but for our use case, we are using one Kibana graph, and then applying a filter programmatically to further limit the data set. The Y Axis is just a count, which will always be a whole number, but depending on the filter applied, we noticed that the Y-Axis can be labeled with fractional numbers when the counts are low (i.e. 1, 2, etc). Our users get confused when viewing graphs in these cases, due to the impression that the Y-axis labels give them, based on the data set. One example of this is attached.

The Y Axis is the result of an aggregate that Kibana did, so Kibana should know that the resulting data will always be a whole number. Is this considered an issue, or would this be a feature request that I would have to make? And if it is something currently in the works to be updated, is there a ticket I can be referred to, so that I can follow along and keep track of its progress?


You can check the new Lens visualizations which is due to replace all default visualizations. I think the behavior of the axis labels is more natural in that case. But this also means it won't be fixed in the current visualizations as they are due to being phased out. Specifying the axis extents might actually fix it for this if you have only values in a small interval.

Thanks, that might in fact be the solution then. I will take a look at Lens and start watching that.

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