Fractional Unit Representation on visualization in Kibana

Is there any way to remove the fractional unit representation from any axis(e.g Y axis in my case) in Kibana visualization? I need to remove these fractional values(.5,1.5,2.5 etc.) from the Y Axis while representing my event counts.

Attaching herewith a screenshot of Kibana Bar Chart visualization for reference.



A field formatter of type number, format number and format of
will do the trick. Note that this just lops off the decimal portion and does not round. If you want rounding, you will need to use a scripted field.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your reply.Can you elaborate a little on the solution?How will I achieve it ?Do I have to change settings in Kibana GUI only or elsewhere too?


This change can be made in the Kibana GUI. Go to Management (tab on left) > Index Patterns > { your index pattern} > find the the field you want to format and click the pencil at the right of its column (it will show up when you hover over there). You can enter the formatter config there.

Hi Bill,
Thanks,I have achieved something as shown below after changing the format as suggested by you.I am using Kibana 5.5 and the setting is available under Management>Advanced Settings.


Now my understanding is that this representation is erroneous and creates confusion and if I even use scripted field to round off the decimal portion it will still be a erroneous and confusing representation(e.g. 1.8 will be rounded off to 2 and 1.2 to 1 considering two decimal places)

Is my understanding correct?


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