Kibana 6.2.1 Automatic rounding of metricbeat load data in visualization chart

(Gotjoshua) #1

After updating to 6.2.1, my load chart started rounding to whole numbers.

I took a hint from this post:

And it seems that the default formatting includes a comma:
Numeral.js format pattern (Default: "0,0.[000]")

When I set the format to number AND remove that comma, the data visualizes without rounding.

I would consider this a workaround for a bug.
Shouldn't the system work properly with the defaults?

Can anyone confirm that it indeed the comma that is causing the rounding? (Even though none of my load values was over 1,000) ?

(Bhavya R M) #2


Yep. It's the comma that is causing the rounding.
Can you please raise an issue here? I will ask our viz team to take a look at it.


(system) #3

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