Format numbers in metric aggregation

I added an average metric aggregation to my Kibana and it works.
But it looks like this:
Average satisfaction: 4.53030303030303
Is there a way to round off to a single decimal digit?
The general question is - can I format the resulting number?
I'm running the latest Kibana / ES stack on your cloud BTW.

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Yes. If you go to Management, then Index Patterns, you'll see a list of fields, and you can click on the edit icon and choose a custom formatter, one of which is "Number", which lets you select how many decimal points you'd like to display. Hope this helps!


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the reply - this is exactly what I need BUT FOR A METRIC AGGREGATION (a visualization) and not for a specific field.
I averaged a bunch of numbers and I get the 10 decimal places float.

Wow - it works for the average as well - thanks!!!

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