Format numbers with color and decimal places in metric aggregation

I have a metric that i sotore with 2 decimal places, it is a number between 0 and 100 representing a percentage. Then i have a table visualization in kibana showing that number with the top hit aggregation. I want to show the number with different colors depending on the value, but when i use the color format for the index pattern, then the table shows the value with several decimal places. Is there a way to use both color formatting and number formatting for the numbers?

The other problem i noticed, is that even when i store that metric with 2 decimal places, when i show the table with top hit metric aggregation, and then aggregate with "max" then when i format the number with color and it show several decimal places, i see numbers not 0 after the second decimal place. So where and how does it get those values?


Hi @mtudisco

What visualization exactly are you using? Can you share which version of the stack you are using and maybe some screenshots of your current status?


Hi Jorge, its a table visualization, Kibana 7.2
I'm no longer able to show a screenshot as i changed the number from float to integer and stored it without decimal places to bypass the problem.

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