Kibana Field Formatting : Display Limited Decimal Points For Number Field Type

I have a number field and I want to change the color of it. I am using Kibana field formatting.

While changing color, I am unable to find a way to limit the decimal points to 5 digits. For example

Can anyone help me figure this out?

Here is what I set in the formatted field :

Here is the output I get :

Hi @ankitdevnalkar

unfortunately the Color formatter cannot express a number format template yet, you can track the issue here: Add Numeral.js format pattern to Color format of number · Issue #8565 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

A possible alternative, if you are only interested in showing those colored field values on tables, is the Lens table coloring feature, which comes with a custom palette editor. Compared to the Color format you can either color the text or the background, not both together, but it is still a valid alternative.
Here's an example in action:

Because it's a table feature, you can still take advantage of the Lens formatter as shown in the picture.

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@Marco_Liberati thanks for the workaround !!

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