Problem Metric Chart : decimal doesnt match field format

im using Elastic - Kibana 5.5.2 and i have encountered a problem to display number with metric chart.
the field that i want to display in input is a number
Example json file
" space_free_net_for_data": 2427.30
this field in input is with 2 decimals
in Management -> index patterns -> this field is correctl defined as a number with default format (i have also tested with a specific format 0,0.[000]
bue when i use this field on a metric chart with a max aggregation the number displayed is "reevaluated" with 10 decimals !!
what is wrong ?
if this is a bug how can i enforce to display on this metric only 2 decimals

Thanks for your help

It sounds like a Javascript floating point issue. JS is pretty bad at dealing with numbers...

This sounds like a bug with the metric vis. I encourage you to open an issue on the Kibana issue tracker.

Ok thank you for your answer
anyway i will open an issue for this.
But is there a way to "force" to change the format ?


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