Fields values under Metrics Aggregations were rounding to zero in Kibana Line Charts

HI, I need your help,
In line chart, Unable to generate lines in Y axis using same fields (processing time & Total delay) values. And X axis should be the Time filed. Please help how to achieve this without using aggregation functions, when i use aggregation functions all the values were rounding to zero. But i want graph using same floating values.

Below is the data:

Here is the metrics screen shot.

hi @govinda.rao

what's the result of the unique-count query? You can see the raw values when opening the spy-panels (little grey arrow bottom left).

Also, are you sure you want to see unique counts, and not some other aggregation value for these fields (processing time, totaldelay), like sum or average?


Yes, I want raw values to be displayed in kibana without any aggregations. And also, I am able to see the correct values after checking for spy-panels.

You can use a field-formatter to format your values.

under your index-pattern, choose the field and select the format.

You could specify a format for your numbers specifically:

You can also select String, and then show the raw value.

Thanks Thomas. This help me on fixing the issue.

Hi Thomas, I need another help here. How can get the difference between this start time and end time in kibana. Below time field is string type

11:40:34,899 INFO RecoverableZooKeeper:120
11:40:34,899 INFO ZooKeeper:438
11:40:34,905 INFO ClientCnxn:975
11:40:34,909 INFO ClientCnxn:852
11:40:34,918 INFO ClientCnxn:1235
11:40:34,985 INFO ConnectionManager$HConnectionImplementation:1830
11:40:34,987 INFO ZooKeeper:684
11:40:34,987 INFO ClientCnxn:512

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