Percentile axis labels incorrect?

(David Underwood) #1

I'm using Kibana to visualize my web application's performance. Specifically, I'm graphing response time percentiles.

However. Looking at my visualization the scale of the Y axis is incorrect. It shows about double the value of the actual datapoints. See the following screenshot:

Is this a bug, or am I misinterpreting the data somehow? The visualization is about as straightforward as it gets: The Y-axis is a percentile aggregation over the request duration and the X-axis is a date histogram of the timestamp.

(Bill McConaghy) #2

Definitely looks like a bug to me. Maybe you can share your visualization config. There may be something weird in your setup.

(David Underwood) #3

I'm relatively new to Kibana, what's the best way to share my config?

(Bill McConaghy) #4

Screenshots of the UI would work best.

(David Underwood) #5

Settings for the visualization are below:

(Bill McConaghy) #6

It looks like it might be adding the times on the Y axis. Maybe if you switch to a bar chart it will split the buckets into separate bars.

(David Underwood) #7

You were right! Changing the mode to 'normal' fixed the issue. Thanks!

(Bill McConaghy) #8

Cool, glad you got it working.

(system) #9

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