New aggregation based visualisation line percentiles does not show y-axis labels anymore

Kibana 7.16.3 in latest Firefox and Brave (chromium) browser

Steps to reproduce:

  • app/visualize
  • create
  • aggregation based
  • line
  • select a saved search
  • aggregation: percentiles
  • field: any number field
  • bucket: add x-axis
  • aggregation: date histogram
  • update

If you adjust aggregation to count, the y-axis labels are visible again.

Note: Existing percentiles visualizations are still working correctly.

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There's already an issue about the problem here: [Visualize][XY] Percentile agg removes Y Axis from chart · Issue #122122 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

A fix has been merged here: [XY] Fix Y Axis visibility for Percentile aggregation by dej611 · Pull Request #122162 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


thanks @Marco_Liberati

7.17 release :+1:

@Marco_Liberati deployed 7.17 today, issue solved :partying_face:


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