Visualisation issue: Percentile metric is showing disabled in order by section

I am trying to visualize horizontal bar with 99 percentile on y-axis over "request_process_ms" field. On the x-axis, i m doing terms aggregation over "request_page" (basically URL) . I want the results ordered by y-axis percentile files but that is showing disabled. Also, if i choose custom metric, there also percentiles are not available. Please suggest any next steps/workaround for the same as I am stuck here. Snapshot attached.
snapshopt of issue

That unfortunately isn't supported right now. The reason for that is, that the percentile aggregation is a so called multi metrics aggregation and can return multiple values (e.g. for different percentiles you specified). Since there potentially could be multiple values, Kibana currently doesn't allow sorting by them. Please feel free to open a feature request on GitHub for that feature.


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