Kibana 6.3 - How to display the formatted value on Y-Axis?


I have an input wich is a number field, I formatted it on Kibana index Management as a microseconds duration displayed as a seconds duration with 3 decimals as follow:

However, when I use this value on a chart as Y-Axis value, it doesn't display as the formatted value I set it and it makes it inconsistent:

Any idea how to fix this ?
Thank you


Hi @AlexCharb thanks for your question.

Can you please specify your Kibana version?
I've seen that we have few bugs going around related to Duration formatter, I've seen also that reordering the metrics can solve the axis problem: try to rearrange the mertics moving the Average atmicro one as the first in the list.

Related bug:

Hi @markov00

My Kibana version is 6.3.2.
I tried switching the metrics, then it goes well for my duration value but it messes with my other metric. So I think it is more about a 2nd metric matter more than format issues.
Here an example of what it does when I put my count agg at 2nd place:

Hi Alex,
yes, unfortunately that's exactly the bug specified in the github issue before.

Have you tried to use Visual Builder for that? I think you can add multiple series, specify "separate axis" for one series and you can specify the duration format on the option panel (from ms to seconds with 3 decimal places).
I've run a test on my 6.3 version and seems to correctly handle that

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Hi Marco,

Indeed Visual Builder makes it very well ! I will work with time series waiting for the bar chart panel to handle it :slight_smile:


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