Request for new output format on time duration field

Hi there! I'm not sure where to post this so if someone knows a better place for this topic please let me know.

I need to do some basic calculation and visualization on Kibana with this number format field (e.g. Average time duration).
The problem is that the default output format in seconds is not very clear just quickly looking at it.
The "Human Readable" output format doesn't help me either because I need to see the exact time duration average, not just "a few seconds".

I would like an output format like "hh:mm:ss:milisecond", that is far easier to understand.

I appreciate any help I can get on this! Thank you!

If your input is seconds, then you can use the "Number" formatter with the following numeral.js format: 00:00:00 (see under "Time"). It only works for seconds though.

Also feel free to create a feature request here:

It worked! Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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