Duration values format in Kibana

(Bob04) #1

I have a duration field that is calculated as a difference between two data values.

In Kibana, I updated field Format as Duration, Input Format as Seconds and Output Format as Human Readable.

But on the graph the value is displayed as 5 minutes without any seconds values.

Is it possible to change the format so value on graph would be displayed as 5:16 or 5 min 16 seconds?

(Joe Fleming) #2

Oddly enough, the formatter don't provide a way to format the time like you're asking. "Human Readable" is using moment.js duration under the hood, and the Number formatter doesn't know about time.

Looks like you can either pick seconds or minutes in your example, assuming you wanted to deal with fractional seconds (ie. 6:20 becomes 6.33).

It would be nice to add support moment's format and allow users to pick whatever formatting they liked. I thought Kibana used to have that, there must be a reason it was removed, or maybe I'm simply mistaken. I encourage you to open an issue to add format, seems useful.

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