Average Aggregation not using Index duration property

I have an index that has a numeric field representing seconds. That said, the stats I am presenting really needs to be in human readable so I have selected the format in the index pattern to be Duration. So, 180 seconds reads as 3 minutes. Perfect.

However, I am using another visualization to display the average time for a date range but when I do that the displayed average is shown in seconds rather than minutes. So for example the the average duration for the that day would be displayed as 180 (seconds) not 3 minutes.

Is there any way to have the average shown formatted for duration rather than the native seconds.

Hi, can you share a screenshot of your field formatting and your visualization configuration? I attempted this locally and it works out of the box:

My bytes field configured as Human Readable duration:

A Metric visualization on the same index pattern of average bytes, output is Human Readable:

Thanks for the quick response! BTW, I am on Kibana and Elastic 6.2.4.
Also, I should re-iterate that this only happens when we are averaging and then grouping by weeks.

Here is my index definition:

Here is my visualization for the one that works:

Her is my visualization for the one that doesn't! In this case it is showing seconds:

What it looks like in the dashboard:

Hi Jen. Did I provide enough information?

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