Taking average of a numeric field and customise it


I have a duration field of type number having duration in milliseconds. I want to take the average of it, and show it in kibana dashboard metrics as dd:hh:mm:ss format, or basically run a script over the average value to customise the format.

I have tried using scripted field to convert it to a human readable format. though it works perfectly for me, but then when i search for the scripted field in kibana dashboard, it gives me query_shard_exception.
so first question, can i make this scripted field as non-searchable? how?

second question, can i do the same thing using runtime field? where i can specify the format as duration and output format as "human-readable"?

The end goal is to show average duration in a human readable format in kibana metrics, and the field should be either searchable or doesn't show up in the search at all.

I am using 7.17 version.

Yes you can do this for runtime fields when you're editing/adding the field:

What is the shard error you're getting? Is it possible you're forgetting to check if the underlying field actually exists in the document?

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