Duration field formatter hh:mm:ss

I have a number field that represents a time duration in seconds. I set this field as duration in an index pattern. My end users want to see the time duration in hh:mm:ss instead of number of seconds/minutes/hours. The human readable option does not have the required precision.

I think that a plugin can be developed to do this. Does anyone have any examples of how to do this? It is not clear to me how to add a formatter to core services.

Hi, and welcome to the community. This is a non-obvious feature of the Kibana numeral patterns, which you can use since your data is in seconds: Numeral Formatting | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

You can set this pattern under the Number format for your field.

Thanks for your help. That works perfectly.

To review:
In order to display a numeric field as hh:mm:ss (duration has to be in seconds).
In index patterns change formatter from "duration" to "numeric" for the field
Set the format pattern to: 00:00:00

Now the formatter converts number of seconds to hh:mm:ss

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