Y-axis scaling on the visualization accurately shown on edit page, but not dashboard

I'm running Kibana 5.4 and I've selected my line chart to have a scale type of square root as seen below from the edit visualization page.

But when I add that same chart to my dashboard the scaling goes back to what appears to be linear no matter how big I make the visualization. The time scale on both pages are the same as well.

As you can see, when I view the same visualization on a dashboard I lose the full information I get with the square root scaling.

This appears to be a bug, and unless I missed it in the release notes, I did not see any reference to a fix in 5.5.

Any information would be appreciated.


@tsullivan93 I'm seeing this resolved in 5.5; however, I'm also not seeing it mentioned in the release notes.

@Brandon_Kobel Thanks Brandon! We're upgrading in a couple weeks and I will verify then

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