See Y axis as linear in dashboard instead of log scale


I am trying to create a dashboard with log scale for the y axis, I see it on the visualization tab fine, but I cannot see it on the dashboard. Is there something I am missing?

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You can only set the scale per viz, not per dashboard.


I am trying to have a log scale for one component in a dashboard not for the whole dashboard

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Are you saying you have applied it to the visualisation, saved it, then added it to a dashboard but it's not showing log?


yes warkolm, on the visualization tab the Y scale appears as log based, but it appears as a linear scale when the same is viewed in a dashboard

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Can you show us some screenshots?

What version are you on?


this is for the visualization tab where the Y axis is in log scale

but when viewed in the dashboard this is appears, the Y axis is linear

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What version are you on?


Version: 5.4.1

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