Graph scale on Kibana Dashboard

Is there any way to change the graph scale on Kibana Dashboards to logarithmic? I have tried searching for it but couldn't find any option to bring about this change. I read somewhere that this feature was added to Kibana but I couldn't find any information on it.

This depends on type of the visualization you are using. Which version of Kibana are you on and which visualization do you want to change the scale for?

I am on the latest version of Kibana and I need to change the graph scale for Line charts.

version 7.15 to be exact

Ok, you can easily do that by going to Dashboard, on the desired panel select Edit visualization This will take you to Visualize Editor. On the right-hand side, select Metric & Axes Tab. Under Y-axis section, you'll have the option to change the scale type.

Thank you so much! Is it only applicable to y-axis? or can the x-axis' scale be changed similarly?

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