How to set a custom scale (y axis) in Lens-Line?

I starting to learn how to use Kibana, and I have a small difficulty : I want plot a line with Lens but scale for the y axis start at 0, so I cant see the real evolution of the line (my data is in [300-340]).
I did not find how to config scale, can you help me ?

Thanks a lot

Kibana v7.11.2
Elasticsearch v7.11.2

Hi, in 7.11 it's not possible to do this in Lens - in the next minor version 7.14 (not released yet) it will be possible:

Until then, you can use the "aggregation based" visualizations instead. They are a bit harder to use, but allow you to configure the scale.

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Just to add to this, TSVB also supports Y axis scaling if your X axis is a date field. TSVB will automatically set the scale based on the visible data if you change the Fill to 0.

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