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Hi, i'm using Lens charts in Kibana. i want to display a graph where Y axis is the timestamp and X axis is the values of My field . But Lens enable me to use a simple Function "Value"
is there any solution? I don't want to use any of their functions. I'm using 7.15 version


try using a "bar horizontal" to get the time on the Y axis. you could try putting the # of records metric in the horizontal axis and a break down by the field? would help to see an example of the visualization you were looking to make....every visualization needs at least one metric

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this is what i want to have ( i did it in canvas kibana) but now i want either to copy it into dashboard kibana or drow it directly from there

Maybe I misunderstood your original question - If you just want the "value" then try the Last Value option on your metric to return the value directly from the data

thank you this working but one last question. I have a field in the same document called "Primary channel " it's an integer. i want to have kind of link between this graph and the value of "Primary_Channel" so whenever the value changes (i may have 12 known values ) the color of the bars changes as well to make it easy for user to detect the changes between different values.
How to do it please?

This feature is in our backlog, i've added a link to your request to the issue in github [Lens] Support categorical coloring by name · Issue #101942 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

so how am I supposed to configure the break_down filter to get the bars colored depending on the field "Primary_Channel" I'm beginner i don't know how to set it right

pick "top values" for the field and pick the number of bars you want

i tried it but in vain when i select the field it's value is displayed correctly (value = 1 ) but the bars presenting the Y axis disappear as you can see here

sorry but I don't know what else I can help you with. Your documents must have both the "last value" of that field you picked AND a value for your channel keyword to break down like this. Might help to see how things work with the sample data that comes with Kibana...and definitely use "Discover" to get a feel for your data.

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