Help changing y axis on kibana lenses

I can't seem to use any variable other than Records, and meta fields for the Y axis of a line or area graph. I am struggling to find a guide on whats wrong or other people with a similar issue. Ideally I want the y axis to be the number of unique ip's for that given timestamp, I have the variable for the ip (its type keyword / string) , and it is populated but im not sure what im doing wrong when i try to use it as a y axis.

It looks like you might be using a Kibana index pattern that is missing fields, but it's very difficult to tell from just the one screenshot. Here are some pieces of information that are needed:

  1. Which version of Kibana are you using?
  2. If you go to the Management > Index pattern screen for this index pattern, does it accurately show the fields you care about? Are they aggregatable, which is required for Lens?
  3. If you are accurately seeing the fields in your index pattern, but not in Lens, I think we'll need more information about what exactly your index pattern contains.

Thank you for the response, I wasn't sure what to include.
-The kibana version is 7.11.1

  • The index pattern screen does show the field I want to use for the y axis, and it is aggregatable

  • The index pattern is an hourly rollup of an index that is updated every 10 minutes. the fields are mapped using dynamic runtime mapping if that is relevant?

If I can include any other information that would help let me know, Thank you agian.

Are you sure that you're looking at the same index pattern in both places? What does Lens show on the left and right side index pattern selector?

Im sure it's the same index pattern, I just remade the rollup job and added some metric fields and i can now see those as options for y axis, but I wasn't able to add the field I wanted. It seems that only numeric fields are allowed as metrics. Is there a way to use strings for this? We have a string identifier and It would be great to have a way of just counting the number of unique keywords

You can use the Unique Count function to get the unique keywords.

Sorry if im missing something obvious, but from what ive seen only numeric fields are able to be selected under unique count. The fields that I can now see I added on this page, but they are all numeric only.

if I try and add a new metric field i see this:

and the field i want to do a unique count of is not there.

I want to do a unique count on a keyword like you said, but there's either an issue with how im setting the metrics or seeing what is available for options on a unique count.

Oh, this is a rollup index? Those are much more restricted than regular indices. The cardinality metric is not supported on rollups.

Ah thats what's wrong, Thank you for your patience with me, you've been great.

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