Axis in Kibana


I want to is it possible to change the Y-axis of kibana to one of my data fields?
For example in my data I have "tags" and "number of Likes"
How can I analyze in this way that the X axis is "tags" (that we can do it, there is no problem here) and my Yaxis instead of count or min or average to set to "number of likes"?

Can anyone help me about this?

Hi @sepide_sinaei,

To get the x axis that you want, you will want to do a terms aggregations on the "tags" field. The panel on the left under x axis, select a terms aggregation, and then select your field of interest.

That will give you the document counts of your top n (default = 5) terms. To get what you want for the y axis, you'll need to do a metric aggregation. Above the x axis box on the left, you'll find the y axis. If you click on add a metric or y axis agg, then you'll see you have the option to do a min, max, count, average, etc of some field. Choose the option you want and the field of interest.


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