Y axis metric

I just wanted to know if there is a way to specify the y axis metric as a particalur value of a variable in Kibana. Not an aggregation metric like count,average, max or min, but just the actual value.

For more clarity: For eg. In the X axis we can specify the variables we want under terms and we can visualize the value itself rather than an aggregation(max or min) on the data. But I dont find an option like that for Y axis.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Rahul,

On the y-axis you can aggregate on Top Hits. Can you give that a try?

Are you trying to specify terms in the x-axis simultaneously with the actual value on the y-axis? Maybe you can give a little more detail about the chart you're trying to build. But give Top Hits Agg a try.

Archana (a5a)

Hi Archana,
Thank you so much for the suggestion. Sorry I couldn't get back to you yesterday. I'm working with Top Hit as you suggested and it's working like a charm :slight_smile: . Also could you direct me to some detailed documentation on parent pipeline aggregation?

Thank you,

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