Kibana Dashboard

I have a log like this:

User content_id
ankur 879fdd7979
mohak 4345grg66
havel 1224asa34
ankur 98089rtf6
sonam 2134ssded245
tunnu 843juy566
ankur 225cc865
havel 09744qqw67
sonam 234mmk566

I want the visualization as:
no. of user in x-axis
no. of content id watched in y-axis (irrespective of content id data)

Like this:


1 users watched 3 content
2 users watched 2 content
2 users watched 1 content

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I really need a help in this. Would appreciate your support.

Two options:

  1. Create Aggregation based Line,select your index, set a time range, in Bucket, Add X-axis, select Terms aggregations, select user or user.keyword field, change Size 5 to top 10 or any value you want, click Update. In Metric &Axes, turn off Show line and you will get dots.

  2. Use Lens, select index name, set a time range, drag and drop, horizontal axis uses, vertical axis count "content id", change Bar vertical to Line. To change top 5 to any number, click on Horizontal axis, change number in Number of values

Thank you for your efforts and time,

I am getting this. But I want no. of users in x-axis, not the user name.

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