Visualizing a user burndown graph


I have saved a document into elasticsearch, which has an array of users which include how many hours of work they have remaining, and I'm trying to show this as a bar chart in Kibana.

The JSON I've entered looks like this;


and the saved document in kibana looks like this

I am able to arrange the X axis of the graph to include the user names. However I can't get the Y axis of the graph to show the amount in the value correctly. The bar will always remain the same size.

Any help or guidance on this would be appriciated,

Any chance you can share a screenshot of the graph?

Hi, Sure.

So you can see that I have the user name keyword on the x axis, but I've tried a few different methods to link their relative values to the y axis, but am just not finding what I need

Thank you! Sorry, can you also share the mapping of your index?

Hey sorry about the delay, here's the mappings of the fields I'm trying to graph, mainly, user and value

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