Kibana high values with short interval as explicit growing line

Hi guys, I'm looking for solution how to present in Kibana constantly growing high values as growing line graph. This what I have now is completely flat line especialy when choosen time span is low, eg 1h. I'll appreciate any help, thank you

In Lens line charts (bot not area or bar charts) allow setting a custom bound for the bottom of the chart.

For TSVB it is also possible from the Panel Options panel:

Thank you for a tip, it's almost this what I wanted, but a main disadvantage is that upper bound will be growing in time, and I have no possibility to rise lower bound without manual intervention. I cannot find possiblility to set lower bound as scripted value, let's say samething like ('upper bound' -300).

I tried with 'Data bounds' and it made a trick, thank you very much for a tip, as it gave me a way to find solution:).

Ohh sorry I should have seen that. Glad you found it! :clap:

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