Heatmap unbounded maximum value

Hello! I'm currently working on creating a Kibana heatmap for visualizing latencies of multiple devices over time, but we're running into an issue with specifying a maximum value on the axis. Namely, the issue is that if a value is above the maximum we specified, it's simply empty. What would be ideal is creating an "unbounded" (if that's the right term) range, which is basically "anything greater than 5 milliseconds" for example. Our current solution is to simply make a range with an obscenely high end value, but that's not super aesthetically pleasing to look at and looks strange. I was wondering if anyone had insights on a way to do this, or if a code change would need to be made to support it?

Current state without the very large range at the end: note that the top row is blank because the value is outside the range

Current state if we make a very large range: note the ugly "999999" in the legend. It would be ideal for it to just be "5.000 - " with the second value blank to indicate unbounded.

Using the "filters" aggregation, you can do something similar at the moment, but it's not nearly as easy to use as the "range" aggregation itself:

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