Issue with number of values being displayed for vertical and horizontal bars in kibana


We are facing issues while visualising using vertical bars where the number of values being displayed on the x-axis are exceeding the limit defined in the size parameter.
Version: 7.14.2

PFB a screenshot for your reference.

We are working with the same visualisation on version v7.9.3 where things are working as they should. PFB a screenshot for that.

The same issue is occuring for horizontal bars as well.

Any idea what could be the issue and how we can fix this?

Hi there, could you send me the full screenshot of your configuration panel? I am trying to reproduce it, but it works fine for me so far.

Hi Marta,
PFB full screenshots of our configuration panel.


Metrics & axes

Panel Settings

The issue is happening specifically for fields of type "Number". It was initially working fine for version 7.9.3.

We tried the same on with the kibana_ecommerce Index by keeping product.base_price on the x-axis. PFB an image representing the same.

Hi @revati-chawla ok, I realized that your id field is a number and we do have a bug for terms aggregation on numbers. The fix will come in in 7.16, but maybe in the meantime you could use Lens instead? It works fine there. Sorry it happened and let me know if that suits you.

Hi @Marta_Bondyra ,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response.
Oh alright ! Thanks for confirming that. Any idea when is 7.16 expected to release?
For new visualisations, we'll definitely use Lens but like I mentioned before we're actually in the middle of a migration, so we need to migrate all our older visualisations to the newer version. Hence , this fix is very important to us.

Look forward to your reply on the timelines.

Thank you !

Unfortunately I cannot give you the exact date, but I would expect it to appear in around month and a half.

@revati-chawla I spoke to the team and they told me about one more workaround: The change was caused when we implemented the new library, and you can turn on legacy charts library in advanced settings for now. That will help for all of the charts globally:

Oh thanks @Marta_Bondyra , this really helped :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your promptness!!

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