Scale to Y-Axis Data Bounds not working in Kibana 6.6.1

I'm trying to create a split bar chart and, where Y-axis have different ranges... I selected the "Scale to Data Bounds" under Y-Axis settings, but I'm still seen the same interval for each graph??
How to fix this?

was this behaving differently in previous versions ?

i would expect that scale to data bounds would scale the bounds, but still all the charts will have the same Y axis. (so the axis will probably change a bit, but still all the charts will have this same modified axis)

Hi @ppisljar, I'm a new user of Elastic/ Kibana, so I'm not sure if this was working before... I'm used to using other Visualization tools where I can select to manage Y-Axis independently on a split chart... Would be interested to know if this is something that can be done in Kibana.

unfortunately this is something not possible at the moment, but we are working on new chart component which should be able to do this.

you could however not use a chart split, but create multiple independent charts (each having a saved filter to only show what you now have in each split), that way the y-axis will be independent as well.

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