Average on Kibana Timelion with two values or parameter

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I have json

{ ExchangeName:BITFINEX, CurrencyPair:ETHBTC ,MachineTime:June 5th 2017, 15:59:53.883, BidPrice:0.094 ,BidSize:22.935, AskPrice:0.094 ,AskSize:20.01, LastPrice:0.094 }

In timelion i want to find an average of (BidPrice and AskPrice).


is it correct ? or any other way can we do?

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @shreyanshu_pare,

I'm afraid the query will probably not produce the results you expect. The reason is, that the first .es() query is split on the ExchangeName field while the second is not. I don't see a way to correctly use split .plus() at the same time here.

Instead I would suggest to create an index pattern with a scripted field that calculates the average for each document using (doc['BidPrice'].value + doc['AskPrice'].value) / 2 and visualize that in the Visualize app using the average of the scripted field as a metric aggregation (y-axis) and a date histogram and a terms filter as the bucket aggregations (x-axis).

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Hi @weltenwort
if i am using split in second then it is showing Error:

Timelion: Error: in cell #1: argument must be a seriesList with a single series

if we use .add(), so is it useful ? i want in timelion.

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Right, that is what I meant by

Timelion does not seem to be the right tool for this job. That is why I proposed using a scripted field in combination with Visualize.

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If you're using the most recent version of Kibana you might also have success with the Time Series Visual Builder, which allows for some ad-hoc processing of the data as well.

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ok ,Thanks @weltenwort , i will check.
If we use methlion in timelion so it is possible?

(Felix Stürmer) #7

Mathlion is a third-party plugin and as such not officially supported by Elastic, but it might be able to achieve that.

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