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I starting playing around with timelion recently. It is a neat tool. I have a issue that I am running into right now. In my data I have a field "site_name". The value of this field can be 936001,936111,936222 etc. I want to create a timelion graph showing average of the metric (total_Mob_succ_rate) for all entries where site_name has the string '9360' in the site_name. I have the following right now -

// .es(,index=ls-enbkpi-,metric=avg:total_Mob_succ_rate,q='site_name.raw:9360*')

With the above I am seeing two series on the timelion -

the one in red is I believe the avg of the values for sites that match the query - q='site_name.raw:9360*'
The one in blue is avg of the values for all sites.

So 2 questions -

  1. Why is the timelion showing 2 series ?
  2. How can I get rid of the series in blue.

(Peter Pisljar) #2

try to remove *, from your timelion expression. you are creating two queries at the moment.


Ah ha, Thanks. that did the trick.

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