Timelion filter problem


I try to use the filter function in Timelion but I dont get any result when I include the filter function:
q='mganavn:NNAS FOLLO'

.es(q='mganavn:NNAS FOLLO',index=elwin-netteier-levplikt_antall*,timefield=dato,metric='sum:antall').points(radius=2).label("NNAS FOLLO").color(#EE82EE)
This does not give me a error message but doesnt show the expected value.

If I remove the filter function I get the sum of all fields, but I also want to filter by different categories of the field named "mganavn":

.es(index=elwin-netteier-levplikt_antall*,timefield=dato,metric='sum:antall').points(radius=2).label("NNAS FOLLO").color(#EE82EE)

I tried googled it but cannot se why I dont get a result in the graph.

The fields:
Dato (date)
mganavn (keyword)
antall (long)

I want to show the antall splitted by different values of the "mganavn" field

The problem was that I did not use " before and after the filter name because the fieldtype is keyword (string)

This did not work:
q='mganavn:NNAS FREDR'

This worked:
q='mganavn:"NNAS FREDR"'

This works then:
,.es(q='mganavn:"NNAS FREDR"',index=elwin-netteier-levplikt_antall*,timefield=dato,metric='sum:antall').points(radius=2).label("Leveringsplikt - NNAS FREDR").color(#DC143C)

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