Build Kibana 5.6.4 release packages on Windows 7/Windows Server 2012

Hi All,

I am following the instructions found at running Kibana locally and building release packages on Windows. I am able to run kibana locally on windows machine based on the info found in the contributing guide and info obtained from discussions in How can build Kibana 4.2 on windows Machine?.

However i couldn't get any info about how to build Kibana 5.6.4 version onwards on Windows machine. Can you guys please provide some info on this.

@Meenal.Luktuke @LeeDr @alvarezdaniel ( Tagging as you guys seem to have tried building Kibana on Windows)


I have the same request, I posted a new topic one hour ago. ( Build kibana in windows 10)

if you find the procedure shares it here please and I'll do the same.


@radi Sure

Hey @SKumarMN is there a specific step from the Contributing guide that you're getting hung up on?

@Brandon_Kobel thanks for your reply. I am referring this document , so far i am able to run Kibana locally but how to build distribution packages

What are the equivalent commands for windows OS

apt-get install ruby-dev rpm
gem install fpm -v 1.5.0
yarn build --skip-archives
yarn build --rpm

@SKumarMN building the specific OS packages is always run in a Linux environment, I'd suggest using Vagrant and the following box to perform this:

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