How can i build one linux version plugins

Currently I am on the windows10 system, running kibana7.2.1. When I run the yarn build in my plugin directory, I only have the .zip folder after packaging. I want to package the linux version of the plugin. How to pack?

I think there is only one version of your plugins, independently from the running system.
The zip file should work on linux/win/mac versions of kibana the same way

During the installation, the build system will take care of installing the os specific dependency if needed.

do you mean i can install .zip pacakge on linux?

Yes exactly

But when I saw the following link, it explained that .zip is only suitable for windows. Is it that the kibana installation package is like this, but the plugin is different?

Can you share that link?

The kibana installation package is OS dependant, but not the plugins.
If you check for example this third party plugin you will see that existing only one version of it:

OK,thanks.i will try to install .zip plugins at linux tomorrow.

Thanks,i have installed the plugin package(.zip).it could install at linux and could work.

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