Build WITH plugins included

I'm using a forked version of Kibana since we have a few changes for both our build process and theming.

Anyway, I would like to get the kibana-5.2.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz file with the plugins installed already. I need this file with the plugins installed because our build and deployment process shouldn't/can't install plugins after kibana is deployed and running.

So I run the ./bin/kibana-plugins install script with the zip files of all the plugins I've created during the build process. I then run npm build on Kibana. Unfortuantely that build process produces the kibana-5.2.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz file but the /plugins folder is empty.

I'm currently working through running the plugins-install script, copy out the items in /plugins, run npm build then extracting and reinjecting the plugins, THEN re-compressing.
Obviously this is quite the laborus thing to do but it's automated. What I fear however is if the plugins continue to not work means that the npm build scripts modify more things (and thus are ignoring things) that are related to the plugin installs instead of just creating optimized versions of the plugins in the /plugins folder.

Is anyone in Elastic or here aware of what other things the npm build does that makes it ignore the plugins folder? And what does the kibana-plugins install script do besides optimize the items in the /plugins folder?

Hope that makes sense.

Since you are operating a fork you will need to create the package with npm build, extract the resulting tar and install your plugins. If you need to re-distribute as a tar file simply retar the directory.

Awesome, that's exactly what my next move was going to be :slight_smile:


This procedure worked, thank you! It as a lot easier than I expected and was attempting before.

@Kikketer, good to hear!

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