Using kibana source's plugin directory

Hello all,

We modify our own kibana instance. Recently I decided to add a foo plugin in the source's plugin directory. Will this foo plugin be bundled if I do a "npm run build" ??? That is, will I need to manually install it later, or will it automatically be part of our kibana instance.

Joey Andres

npm run build will not bundle your plugin with Kibana, but you can do this by doing the following:

  1. build kibana with npm run build
  2. extract the tarball or zip archive for the platform you are targeting
  3. install your plugin with bin/kibana-plugin install file:/path/to/your/plugin
  4. recreate the archive after plugin installation completes

If you want to support multiple platforms you'll have to do the last three steps for each platform, but I assume you won't need more than one configuration.

What I did is modify the build tasks and copy all the content of the src/plugins to the build/**/plugins directory, after build/**/plugins is created.

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