Kibana [6.8] - How do I build Kibana from source and include a custom plugin with the build?

I have currently built a custom plugin for kibana using the generate_plugin script. I had to modify the links in the package.json because I didn't call my root folder kibana when pulling the code down from github, however everything works now.

What I want to do next is build kibana from source and have my custom bundle including in that build. To get my build zip I am running yarn build --skip-os-packages --oss this works correctly and produces the desired artifacts that I want, however I do not know how to include the custom plugin.

How can I ensure that running my build's bin/kibana will include my custom plugin code as well?

I can't find any documentation on this.


Hi @mamuv, thanks for your question.

It is not possible to bundle the plugin directly with Kibana. You have to build it separately by running yarn build in the plugin directory, then you can install it in another instance by following the steps outlined here:

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