How to make custom plugin work with a binary installation of kibana - 6.x


I am trying to create custom kibana plugin, and based on the documentation I understand that we can use plugin generator to create the basic structure of custom plugin and also test the plugin in Kibana in it's development mode using yarn. But I would like to know once the plugin starts working on development mode how can we get it to work in an actual Kibana binary installation? Do we place the files under "plugins" folder and restart kibana?


@joshdover can we please get some help here?


When using the plugin generator, you'll notice that the generated package.json file includes a script called "build". You can use this by running yarn build inside your plugin directory which will create a .zip file in the build directory of your plugin. This zip file should be installable for the given version of Kibana using ./bin/kibana-plugin install <path or url to .zip>

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Thanks for the information.


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