Building a website that uses elastic

I need some wisdom and guidance.

I am trying to build a website where users can submit an IP address into a search box and that search box reaches into an Elasticsearch server and pulls out the data associated with that IP address.

What would be the best way to go about building a website like this? I was hoping to build a website using react JS so I could also make some cool graphs and get the data for those cool graphs the Elasticsearch server also.

All comments are welcome

Hi @iukea,

Elastic has the native field datatype IP that is documented here.

That documentation also has some examples for how to do queries against data that contains this type. That should allow you to run queries that get all the documents in your index associated with a certain IP efficiently.

we have used elastic API in the backend which pulls the data from elastic server and using react u can customise different charts as u want

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