Building graph with network statistic

(Nikita Krasnov) #1

I use: Kibana, Elastic, MetricBeat
I try to recreate this example:
with but I get negative values.

Why I get negative values? Why we have to use max but not avg here?
When I split it by value "beat.hostname" I also get negative values:

(Lukas Olson) #2

It looks to me like some of the ranges possibly have no data, meaning the max is 0 for that interval. Could you try setting an interval to something other than "auto", like perhaps "1m"?

The reason you're getting negative values is because a derivative shows the rate of change, and if you have one interval where the value is 10 million, and then the next interval has no data (and thus a max of 0), the rate of change is -10 million, which is what is displayed in the graph.

(Nikita Krasnov) #3

What in such case is the best to use: avg or max?
Here is the result when I use interval = 1m

So, you think that's because some intervals doesn't contain any data?

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