Network I/O Timelion show crazy with offset one second

I got the followed graphic:

From the data:


.es(kibana=true, index=metricbeat-*, timefield=@timestamp,
metric='', q='')
.if(operator=lt, if=0, then=0)
.legend(columns=2, position=ne)

Ps. formated code for view

It seems because the metricbeat got the data delayed ONE secend.

And then, try the 2 mins interval:

The problem is same, but only the maximum is average. I had change the mvavg(2m).

I think it maybe a zero data problem. but after I set the interval to one second for recently. It look better.

How could I resolve this problem?

Is a way to filter the data over a error thresholds?

Thanks for any information.

Sorry, but it is not very clear what your question is.

In the first 2 charts, there is a spike that seems to make the other data with lower values not visible.

You can set a limit on the data bounds in the q parameter of the .es function, with something like:

q=' AND[0 TO 1000000]'

To me, it looks like that chart is showing more consistent data because the time frame is "Last 15 minutes" instead of "Last 4 hours"

Hi, @tsullivan

Thank for your answer.
It isn't a data problem, it's a collection time problem.
We write some script for this, and it has been solved. :smiley:

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