Building Our Own Security for Inter-Node Communication in ES Cluster?


Where and what should I look at and for if I want to build and integrate
security for inter-node communication in an ES cluster?

The security best practices and security plugins, except for Shield, seem
to address only client access to ES.

What should I do if I want to use SSL/TLS for encrypting inter-node
communication in an ES cluster?

Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.


Tri M. Nguyen

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Hey there @Tri_Nguyen , did you ever get an answer to this question?

Hi Robert,

No, I never received an answer for this question.
I was trying to use Hendrik's Elasticsearch Security plugin.
However, that project was halted and I moved to another job, which did not allow me to further use Elastic Stack.
I am back in the Elastic user community now with yet another employer, which does allow me to spend time to investigate and show ROI on Elastic.

You can check Search Guard SSL. It adds SSL support for transfer layer so nodes are communicating over SSL.