Regarding encrypted communication between Elasticsearch servers

Hello from Japan
I have a question for you respected engineers.
I am an inexperienced Japanese engineer with Elasticsearch.

I prepared three servers with Elasticsearch V8.11 installed and built an Elastic cluster.
I have a question about his TLS construction between nodes in Elasticsearch.

I set up and configured the encryption of inter-node communication using TLS with reference to the site below.

▼Set up basic security for the Elastic Stack

Is there a way to check whether these Elasticsearch inter-node communications are encrypted correctly?

I would like help from all of you respected ELASTIC engineers.

I await your replies and information.
Thank you

If Elasticsearch is working with the settings described on that manual page then TLS is enabled correctly. The only other way I can think of would be to take and analyse a packet capture with something like Wireshark, verifying that you see TLS-encrypted data.

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DavidTurner san (In Japan, we add "san" to the names of people who are respect us. )

Thank you for your reply.
I would be very grateful for your advice.
I'll try using WireShark if I have to.

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