Bulk handling of logstash conf files

I have like 10 clients using logstash to send data to a central ES server, however, everytime when I have some modification to the conf files, I needed to modify each clients logstash conf files. That could be so time consuming. Are there any ways I can have a distributor come with elasticsearch that can help do the work and distribute the files?

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Are you not using automated deployments; Puppet, ansible, chef, salt etc?

Future versions of LS will use an inbuilt, distributed config management, something like storing it in an ES index.

Yes, I had tried using ansible thereafter but just would like to know if there are any functionality provided by ES or logstash in doing similar things.
Thanks for your information, I am anyway great looking forward to using the distributed config management

Which version of logstash will be available for having this configuration management?

Not sure, it's on our roadmap, but we don't provide timings for features.