Any better way to manage everything related to Elastic search / ELK

Does anyone have a better way to manage everything related to ELK?

I mean something similar to IDE where everything is easily manageable (For example using sublime text you can edit almost all documents in one place, does not matter what language)

Because at the moment dealing with 3-5 open cmd windows is a bit of a mess + Kibana in other window, the config file in yet another and that's just to get started.. Seperate connections to check if file was put on logstash.. You get the idea.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

P.S this is just to kick off things with elastic, working on corporate network so some restrictions apply.

You should look at a configuration management system like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salt

I use Puppet and the puppet modules from Elastic are very good.

If you don't have anything like that from before, Ansible might be the quickest way to get going, although I have no idea if there are any official or community playbooks to get started.

Sounds great, thanks for the fast reply!

I'll definitely look into those to see which one suits me the best because as much as I am used to multi-tasking this was getting out of hand..


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